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The average adult attention span is just fifteen to twenty minutes, but you can hold your audiences for as long as you want with the right business presentation skills in place. With a few simple adjustments in structure, design and delivery, even the most reserved presenters can command riveted attention.

Business presentation courses provide you with the tools you need for confident and convincing delivery. Your intended outcomes can be accomplished using orderly, audience-friendly structures for informing, convincing and persuading.

Courses also help you to design clear, high-impact presentation slides for lasting retention. Valuable performance tips will help you
maximize your non-verbal communication and capitalize on pre-performance energy. In-class performances with peer reviews and a
take-home DVD produce a lasting experience for you to build on.

Sales & marketing, finance and technical staff. Public speakers, PR and corporate communications personnel. Team leaders and HODs.
Anyone interested in building confidence while speaking before an audience.


Persuasive Sales Presentations

Unforgettable Statistics

Management Presentations

Presenting High Tech with a Big Bang

Public Speaking with Confidence and Sincerity


Overcoming common barriers

Maximizing visual impact

Using structures that best suit your purpose

Opening & closing with key ideas

Making smooth transitions

Running stress-free Q & A sessions

Channeling pre-performance energy (stage fright)


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