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Your people are your most valuable resource. The wisest investment you can make for your business, therefore, is in the wellbeing of
your people.

Wellbeing begins with the freedom and ability to express needs, opinions and ideas in an objective and understanding environment.
That‘s why interpersonal communication skills are among the most important to develop. Emotionally intelligent people skilled in
relationship management add value to your company and ensure that your communications remain open and diplomatic.

Interpersonal Communication Skills courses prepare you to say the right words the right way at the right time. Your interactions with others can be consistently successful when you recognize their communication styles and adapt yours accordingly.

Course activities build and exercise emotional intelligence (EI), enabling you to recognize and express your feelings while remaining
sensitive to those of others. Conflict is presented as a manageable agent of positive change and diversity as a strengthening agent
of vibrant work teams.

Your listeners will interpret your messages as you intended them.

Sales and front-line staff. Work teams. Any staff who need to work closely with colleagues to achieve positive business results.


Understanding emotional intelligence

Identifying and adapting to different communication styles

Managing and resolving conflict

Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Listening intelligently

Using positive language

Projecting a positive self image

Sending and interpreting nonverbal messages

Exercising assertiveness


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