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A drum circle is a group of people playing together to create in-the-moment music using hand drums and percussion instruments.
Group drumming promotes camaraderie, togetherness and even a sense of euphoria. When people drum together, they unite. Past troubles and future worries are abandoned as each participant focuses on the coming beat. Drumming together grounds everyone in the here and now.

Unlike professional ensembles and performance groups, drum circles require no previous drum experience for success. Through a
facilitated entertainment process, participants reach a musical achievement greater than the sum of its parts. Participants learn the value of listening, the importance of consistency, and the satisfaction of allowing others to shine.

Drumming moves the brain into alpha state to help alleviate stress and enable learning. Therefore the drum circle provides the perfect
metaphor for many of your corporate training needs. Rhythm events can be custom designed for any corporate event from Family Day entertainment to managing and coping with change.

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