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Twenty years ago, business writing was left to secretaries preparing letters and technicians preparing reports. Today, however, if you’re in business, you write. Everyone uses e-mail as the primary channel for written business communications.

Keeping up with changes in communications technology requires focused business writing skills. Today’s business readers prefer
scanning for information quickly without having to cut through wordy jargon and you, as a business writer, must be prepared to meet these needs.

Business writing courses help you design business correspondence, reports and proposals in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner while maintaining politeness and courtesy.

Additionally, courses provide you with business writing tools for evoking positive responses from your readers and streamlining the writing process to save you valuable office time.

Business managers, executives, officers and supervisors whose duties include internal and external written communications.
This course is designed for staff who need to know how to write language for specific purposes and achieve positive results.


Basic & Advanced E-mail Correspondence

Writing Reports with PowerPoint

Winning Proposals

Technical Writing

Persuasive Writing for Sales & Marketing


Writing for your readers

Expressing an appropriate tone

Maintaining businesslike objectivity

Opening & closing with key ideas

Using Power Words for clarity and expression

Keeping documents to the point

Conveying appropriate levels of fomality

Making it simple


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