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You open your e-mail as your workday begins and check messages from colleagues in Melbourne, Hanoi and Dubai. You spend an hour on the phone with a customer in Shanghai before meeting a sales rep from Delhi at an Italian restaurant for lunch. You call your travel agent to confirm your holiday reservations in Phuket, and smile at the Bangladeshi attendant who fills your tank with petrol on the way home.

Your life at work is increasingly filled with cross-cultural encounters. That’s why it’s essential for you to improve your skills in adapting and relating better to a wide range of national, ethnic and organizational cultures.

Cultural intelligence courses help you read the world around you through a cultural perspective and understand how every human
interaction is affected by culture. You’ll examine the characteristics of your own culture and how it compares to others. You’ll learn
strategies for ongoing cultural adaptation, facilitate clearer lines of communication, and provide higher levels of customer service.

Whether you’re managing diverse workteams, traveling back and forth between overseas visits to customers, or going off for a two-year international assignment, developing your cultural intelligence is an essential first step towards becoming a more global citizen with
open-minded perspectives.

Staff from multinational companies. Off-shore call center reps and technicians. Work teams. Expatriate staff from overseas, staff being sent overseas. Anyone with an interest in understanding and succeeding in an increasingly globalized world.

Identifying your own cultural characteristics

Developing a cultural perspective

Simplifying language

Overcoming ethnocentrism

Applying strategies for cultural integration and adaptation

Learning from generalizations

Understanding the cultural values behind cultural behavior


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