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Everyone negotiates.

Whether you’re trying to get your children to go to bed on time, complaining to customer service, or tying up the last-minute details with your company’s new overseas joint-venture partner, negotiation is a part of your day.

Effective negotiators are in constant demand by companies worldwide, and you can improve your negotiation skills by simply adjusting what you do less and what you do more. You talk less, you listen more. You offer less, you ask for more. You give up less information, you ask more questions. Knowing the right balance at the right time makes you more successful with your counterparts.

Negotiation skills courses help you plan successful strategies around your Objective, your Insight and your Flexibility. You’ll deploy and neutralize the most powerful tactics skilled negotiators keep in their bag of tricks. You’ll listen better and collect valuable information from your counterparts that you need to close the deal.

With the right guidelines in place and your self-confidence elevated, you’ll step into negotiations prepared to make on-the-spot decisions that make good sense for your business.

Sales, marketing and purchasing staff. Finance and accounts staff. Managers and executives. Technical staff. Anyone interested in
developing skills for setting objectives and realizing them through negotiation.


Strategies for Succesful Negotiations

Negotiations for Salespeople

Intelligent Listening Skills


Planning around your objective

Leveraging your strengths

Measuring your counterpart

Probing for information

Spotting and countering “dirty tricks”

Breaking deadlock

Making shrewd yes/no decisions


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